Ryabkov: The illegal US presence in Syria is one of the reasons for the continuing crisis there

Moscow (ST): Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has reiterated his country's adherence to preserving Syria's unity and territorial integrity in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions, blaming the illegal US presence on Syrian territory for prolonging the crisis there.

 In an interview with Russia Today, Ryabkov said that one of the main reasons for the continuation of the crisis in Syria is the illegal presence of the United States on its territory, stressing Moscow's opposition to Washington's plans to target the territorial integrity of Syria.

He added that Washington has a scenario for dividing Syria, but Moscow opposes that and is working on the basis of relevant UN Security Council resolutions that emphasize the territorial integrity of Syria.

Ryabkov also reiterated the need for the United States to return to the nuclear agreement and lift the arms embargo on Iran.

Ryabkov said that the return to the agreement comes first, and then other files such as Tehran's ballistic missile program can be discussed.

Regarding the situation in Afghanistan, Ryabkov said that Moscow is interested in communicating with everyone in Afghanistan and ensuring the security of its allies in Central Asia, noting that "the American withdrawal from the country was an escape."