6 Lebanese were sentenced to hard labor for their collaboration with the Israeli enemy

The Permanent Military Court in Lebanon sentenced six Lebanese citizens in absentia to 15 years of hard labor after convicting them of collaborating with the Israeli enemy.

“The Lebanese National News Agency”  reported today that the court "convicted Jeries Said El-Loss, Maryam Moussa Diab, Rola Jeries El-Loss, Nina Jeries El-Loss, Aline Jeries El-Loss, and Maroun Ibrahim El-Jallad, for having contacted the Israeli enemy and its agents and entered the occupied territories of Palestine without the government's permission , and obtaining the citizenship of the Israeli entity.

The agency stated that the rulings imposed a penalty of 15 years of hard labor on all of them and stripped them of their civil rights, in addition to a fine of one million lebanese pounds for each one of them.

Sanaa Hasan