Washington's policies show contempt for justice and democracy, says Slovak academic

Bratislava , (ST) - František Shkvaranda, Professor of International Relations at the Economic University in the Slovak capital Bratislava, stressed that despite the United States' continuous allegations regarding the pursuit of justice, democracy and the protection of human rights, its practical policies and practices show a contempt for these rights.

In an article published on Tuesdy in the Slovak Slovak website, Shkfaranda said that, the interventions and wars provoked by the United States in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan represent a blatant violation of international law coupled with the practices of many war crimes.

Shkfaranda pointed out that, the defeat that the United States suffered in Afghanistan showed that the West does not objectively understand reality, and this is why they deliberately mislead public opinion.  He said that, the American failure in Afghanistan represents a new turning point in the decline of the prestige of the United States.

Raghda Sawas