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Israeli enemy violates the Lebanese airspace and waters

On April 8th, the Israeli enemy aircraft and their warships renewed their violation of the Lebanese airspace and territorial waters.

The Lebanese National News Agency stated that the Israeli warplanes  violated the Lebanese airspace at a low altitude over the Hasbaya and Arqoub regions, reaching Rashaya Al-Wadi and the western Bekaa, accompanied by the flight of an enemy spy plane.

The agency indicated that the enemy aircraft flew heavily over the Jezzine area, at medium altitude, to Beirut and its suburbs.

In addition, the Lebanese Armed Forces Command announced, in a statement, that four hostile Israeli warships violated the Lebanese territorial waters opposite the Cape of Naqoura.

The Command said that the issue of the violations was being pursued in coordination with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFL).

O. al-Mohammad