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Amnesty International confirms Turkish regime’s violation of human rights

Amnesty International has confirmed that the Turkish regime violates freedoms and human rights by marginalizing the judiciary and legal procedures, and continuing to pursue and punish opponents of its policies.

Turkish Zaman newspaper quoted the organization as saying in a report on the human rights situation in Turkey: "Ankara has continued to punish acts that are protected by international human rights law and ignored the judiciary, fair trial guarantees and legal procedures."

In its report,  Amnesty International  referred to the Turkish regime's repressive practices, including the prosecution and punishment of opponents of its policies and  members of the judiciary and lawyers, in addition to imposing restrictions on municipalities opposed to the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and restricting the activities of local governments to suppress opposition.

Amnesty International also drew attention to a new law approved by the Turkish parliament last July, with the aim of undermining the powers and independence of Lawyers Unions,  continuing arrests under the pretext of association with terrorist organizations and arbitrary prosecuting members of parties opposed to Erdogan.

The Turkish regime continues its policies of suppressing freedoms not only through arbitrary arrests, but through imposing  random decisions- the most recent of which is the imposition of new restrictions that prohibit advertisements on social media sites in which its opponents found a place to express their views after the Erdogan regime tightened its grip on the media.

Inas Abdulkareem