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The Prisoner Skaf Committee: The continued detention of George Abdullah is a stain on France

Beirut, (ST) - The Committee of the Prisoners in the Israeli Occupation PrisonsYahya Skaf,affirmed that the continued detention of the Lebanese prisoner, George Ibrahim Abdullah, in French prisons for 37 years, is a stigma on the French state and international organizations.

A statement by the committee said on Wednesday, “Abdullah’s sentence ended more than 20 years ago, and this arrest is considered arbitrary and submission of the French government to American and Zionist pressures not to release himThe statement called on the Lebanese state and all forces in the Arab world and the world to pressure France to release him.”

The committee stressed in a statement that Abdullah’s case will remain present until he returns to his homeland.

Abdullah had previously submitted several requests for his conditional release, but the French government, under American and Israeli pressure, rejected these requests even though he had fulfilled the conditions of the French penal code required for his release.

Raghda Sawas