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Rouhani: the best solution to all problems is the full implementation of the “Nuclear Deal”

Tehran, (ST) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani affirmed that all the parties that signed the Nuclear Deal had reached a clear conclusion that the best solution to all problems is to implement the deal completely.

We have witnessed in recent days the beginning of a new chapter to revive the nuclear deal and meetings of the parties to the agreement in addition to Iran were held in Vienna .All the parties reached a clear conclusion that there was no better solution than the nuclear agreement, and therefore there is no way but to fully implement it, and this represents a new success for Iran.

Rouhani pointed out that, America is aware that the policy of maximum pressure has failed and is no longer effective, and it frankly says that there is no longer any way but negotiations, confirming that this in itself is a victory for the Iranian people .

Raghda Sawas