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A number of ‘Qasad’ militants were injured in Tal Hamis area in Al-Hasakah countryside

A number of” Qasad militia’ linked to the US occupation were wounded in an attack on one of its checkpoints in the countryside of Tal Hamis sub-district of Qamishli city, north of Hasakah.

Local sources reported to SANA's correspondent that a group of people attacked this morning with knives and various sharp tools, a number of "Qasad militia" militants at Haroun checkpoint and seized their weapons.

The sources indicated that the militia brought in reinforcements from its gunmen and cordoned off the place.

These attacks on the sites of the US-backed "Qasad" militia have been  taking  an upward trend for several months, during which dozens of its militants were killed in the areas of its deployment in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, Hasakah and Raqqah.

Sanaa Hasan