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Belarus reaffirms its support for Syria in preserving its sovereignty and territorial

Belarus has reaffirmed its support for Syria's right in preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Savinich , head of the Permanent Committee for Foreign Affairs in the Belarusian House of Representatives, said during his meeting with the Syrian ambassador to the republic of Belarus, Mohamad Alamrani , that, his country stands by Syria in the face of the unjust economic coercive measures imposed by the United States and Western countries on it

Ambassador ALamrani expressed Syria's appreciation for the Belarusian position in supporting its war against terrorism, stressing that Syria has stood by Belarusia in the face of attempts to interfere in its internal affairs

The two sides affirmed that, the relations between Syria and Belarus are historic and  can be described as solid relations of friendship, stressing that there is a common wish to strengthen these relations at various levels

The two sides also discussed means of enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields, especially in the parliamentary field between two countries.

Nour almohamad