Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor launches the campaign of Syrian Family Days

Damascus (ST):  The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs  have launched the national Syrian Family Days campaign.

The campaign, which continues until the end of March, aims to enhance individual and collective awareness of the central position of the family as a basis for building up and recovering society, and revitalizing its role in preserving national identity, promoting citizenship, moral values, positive behaviors, social cohesion and development in all its fields and dimensions.

The activities of the campaign include the social, educational, health, cultural, environmental, sports, intellectual, research,  training, media and economic fields and include all segments of society and age groups.

The ministry indicated in a statement that it has set the general frameworks for its partners in the campaign from ministries and institutions to hold activities according to the vision of each party in a way that achieves the goals of the campaign.

The Ministry pointed out that the campaign is based on the fact that the family is the nucleus of society and the basis of the social structure, and within its framework the personality and awareness of the individual is formed and his sense of belonging to society and the homeland is generated.