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The Arab Nasserite Party in Egypt condemns the aggression on the vicinity of Damascus

Cairo (ST):  The Arab Nasserite Party in Egypt strongly condemned the recent Israeli aggression that targeted the vicinity of Damascus two days ago, calling on the international community to confront those repeated attacks.

Head of the Nasserite Party, Dr. Mohammad Abu Al-Ola, affirmed in a special statement to news  correspondent in Cairo that the Israeli occupation entity continues to practice its brutal aggression against the beating heart of the Arab nation, Syria at a time when this usurping entity continues to occupy the Syrian Arab Golan,” indicating that the Arab and international silence towards those crimes caused the Israeli occupation to go too far with its crimes, and that the international community must take serious action against this entity to stop its crimes and prosecute those responsible for them.

Abu Al-Ola added, "The Syrian Arab Army confirms its daily victories with new fresh victories against terrorism and occupation, despite the suffocating siege Syria is being exposed to, but it will remain steadfast and victorious and smash all its enemies' plans . He explained that these attacks are increasing with the approaching of constitutional presidential elections in order to thwart these elections, but Syria, with its conscious people, continues on its democratic path and wins its war at the same time.