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Protests renew in southern Lebanon against the deteriorating living conditions

Beirut (ST): Demonstrations and road closures renewed in southern Lebanon and some Lebanese regions today, in protest against the deteriorating living conditions.

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that protesters blocked the road in front of the Kafr Ruman roundabout in southern Lebanon with iron barriers. The protesters also burned rubber tires in the middle of the road, which led to the closure of the Nabatiyeh Al-Zahrani and Marjayoun highways in both directions in protest against the high exchange rate of the dollar, the deterioration of living conditions and the economic collapse.

A number of demonstrators also cut off the Tannourine Batroun highway at the Basateen Al-Asi Junction. In the city of Sidon, the protesters blocked  some main roads to protest against the rise in the dollar and the worsening economic and living conditions.

The protesters also cut off  Al-Bowar highway, Al-Aqibah, Kesrouan, and Nahr Ibrahim, with burning tires, amid the deployment of security forces.

Earlier, demonstrations and road closures were renewed in the city of Tripoli and some Lebanese regions, in protest against the deteriorating living conditions.

Since October 17, 2019, many Lebanese regions have witnessed demonstrations and sit-ins to protest against the deteriorating living and economic conditions and to demand the fight against corruption in the country.