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Turkish regime arrests 68 people over alleged links to Fathullah Gulen

The authorities of the Turkish regime on Tuesday arrested 68 people, including soldiers and officers over alleged links to Turkish preacher Fathullah Gulen who has been accused by the Turkish authorities of masterminding the coup attempt in 2016.

The Turkish “Today Zeman” newspaper said that the arrests were carried out based on arrest warrants issued by the Ankara Prosecution against these people under the pretext of having links to the Gulen-affiliated “Hizmet” movement.

The newspaper pointed out that among the arrested persons were a Colonel, four lieutenant colonels, a retired Colonel and a Captain as well as soldiers and many civilians.

Since the coup attempt in Turkey four years ago, the Erdogan regime has waged a countrywide crackdown targeting its opponents. Tens of thousands of people have been arrested and dismissed from work in various civil, military and judicial institutions in the country. 

 Hamda Mustafa