Turkish regime issues 57 arrest warrants

Arrest warrants were issued for 57 people  by Turkish regime over their suspected links to the Fethulla Organization , the group that was accused of being behind the 2016 defeated coup in the country, security sources said Tuesday.
The regime’s s authorities launched an operation simultaneously in 22 cities across the country to apprehend the suspects, including teachers, doctors, soldiers, lawyers and police officers. So far, 50 people have been arrested.
Some of the suspects were involved in the secret military, security and educational structure of the organization.
A search is underway to arrest the remaining seven suspects, it added.
In another operation based in the southeastern province of Mardin, police teams arrested six people, including on-duty and former soldiers .
Separately, 14 people were arrested in southeastern Siirt-based operations across five provinces, according to Anadolu News Agency.
Basma Qaddour