Syria has defeated the forces of evil; say “Journalists for Syria” gathered in Egypt

Cairo, (ST)  - A delegation from the "Journalists for Syria" gathering in Egypt affirmed their solidarity with the Syrian state in its war against terrorism, saying that ,Syria made sacrifices and triumphed over the plans of the evil forces.

During a visit to the Syrian embassy in Cairo on Tuesday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the unity between the two brotherly countries, the members of the delegation indicated that Syria stands in the face of the conspiracy targeting the region, appreciating Syria’s successive victories over the enemies of the nation.

Journalist, Noura Khalaf, said that the colonial powers stand in front of all attempts at unity and seek to divide the existing countries in order to achieve the Zionist plans, adding that despite all these plans, the Syrian state still carries the banner of resistance and stands against all the attempts of the colonial countries and that their plans will fail.

The journalist Maher Zuhdi, pointed out that, the Arab reactionary that stood against unity are the ones are hostile to the Syrian state and are working to support terrorism, but the Syrian people and their brave army have defeated the schemes of reactionary reviews’ plans and those who motivated them from the colonial forces.

Dr. Bassam Darwish, head of the mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to Egypt, referred to the common links between the two brotherly countries during the historical ages.

Darwish pointed out that despite the plots against Syria - Syria is winning with its steadfastness and sacrifices. He stressed that Syria will remain a symbol of peace and resistance in the face of terrorism and occupation.

Raghda Sawas