Syrian-Iraqi talks to develop cooperation in the educational field

On February 22nd, the Iraqi Minister of Education, Ali Hamid Al-Dulaimi, met with the Syrian ambassador in Baghdad SatamJadaan Al-Dandah.

Both sides discussed ways to develop cooperation relations in the educational field between Syria and Iraq.

“Minister Al-Dulaimi affirmed his ministry’s keenness to continue cooperation with the Syrian side in all fields and to open new horizons in the field of revitalizing private education, developing curricula, and integrating technology with education,” the Iraqi Ministry of Education said in a statement.


Al-Dulaimi said: “ There is a trend for the Iraqi government to sign a memorandum of understanding with Syria regarding various educational files, including caring for people with special needs and developing specialized cadres in sign language serving the deaf and dumb.”

For his part, Ambassador Al-Dandah referred to the importance of work between the various institutions and bodies operating in the education sector in a way that achieves the common benefit of the two brotherly countries.

Al-Dandah indicated that the meeting focused on the importance of exchanging educational experiences in a way that contributes to the development of educational institutions and their progress towards better levels.


O. al-Mohammad