Iran criticizes the stance of the international community towards the crimes of the occupation entity against the Palestinians

New York, (ST) - Iran's permanent ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Rawanji criticized the stance of the international community towards the crimes of the Israeli occupation entity against the Palestinian people, stressing that this situation cannot continue forever.

"The Palestinian issue is on the agenda of the General Assembly and the Security Council since the founding of the United Nations Organization.


 During the past 75 years, the Security Council was unable to end the decades-long occupation of Palestine and defend the basic rights of the o Palestinians at home and abroad.

The Iranian ambassador added that, “the failure of the UN Security Council to implement its tasks is due to America’s full and systematic support for the Israeli entity, in contradiction to international laws and moral and humanitarian principles.”  He indicated that the occupation entity continued to build illegal settlements and its illegal policy to annex other parts of Palestine’s lands and to continue the siege which is inhumane for the Gaza Strip.

He added that the occupation entity appeared in the new year 2021 with another series of crimes against the Palestinians, including preventing Palestinians from obtaining the Corona vaccine and other terrorist measures in the region, stressing that all of these policies and procedures are a violation of the basic principles and norms of international laws and a flagrant violation of the goals and principles of the United Nations.

Takht Raunji affirmed that, last year the Israeli entity continued its "military practices" destabilizing the region's security, including attacking some countries in the region, especially Syria, and directing threats to the countries of the region, stressing that Iran reserves the right to defend itself against the threats of this entity.

Raghda Sawas