Czechoslovakian politician condemns Israel's recent aggression on Syria's Hama

PRAGUE, (ST)_President of Czechoslovakia Institute of International Relations Institute Jaromir Shalabata has denounced Israel's recent aggression on Hama, saying that this aggression violates the international and humanitarian law.

In a statement to the correspondent of the Syrian News Agency (SANA) in Prague,  Shalabata said that the aggression was carried out amid unaccepted international silence.

"Israel's attacks on Syria support terrorist groups and hinder the efforts being exerted to find a solution to the crisis in Syria and rebuild it," he stated, adding that the attacks also prevent Syrian refugees from returning to their homeland.

Moreover, Shalbata condemned the deadly blasts that rocked the Iraqi capital, stressing that the main goal of international community should be eliminating terrorism everywhere.

He pointed out that the ideas of terrorist groups in Syria pose a threat to security and stability in Europe.

Basma Qaddour