Turkish MP: Turkish regime's army committed war crimes in Efrin

Ankara (ST): Member of the Turkish parliament for the opposition Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP), Meral Beştaş, affirmed that the Turkish regime's army committed war crimes in the Syrian city of Efrin in cooperation with terrorist organizations.

In a speech she made during a parliament meeting, Beştaş referred to the current killings, abductions and forced displacement targeting the residents of Efrin, noting that the Turkish army, with the support of terrorist groups loyal to Ankara, is occupying Efrin and its villages and is seeking to change the demographic status of the city with the aim of controlling it in order to protect terrorist groups in Idleb and its surroundings.

Beştaş stated that the Turkish regime occupied Efrin, Ras al-Ein and Tal Abyad, forgetting that these areas are Syrian territories and that there are Syrian citizens living there, referring to the attempt of the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyep Erdogan, to protect terrorist organizations, including the Al-Nusra Front.