Slutsky calls for standing firmly against the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria

Moscow (ST):  Head of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Leonid Slutsky has  called for unifying ranks and standing firmly in all international arenas against the unilateral coercive measures being imposed on Syria, stressing that these measures aggravate the suffering of the Syrian people, especially in light of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Responding to a question by news correspondent in Moscow, Slutsky said in a video press conference that the unilateral measures are causing great damage to the Syrian economy and hindering the reconstruction of structures destroyed by international terrorism, including the historical monuments  registered on the UNESCO list.

Slutsky called for unifying efforts and working together in order to restore the economy and re-construct  what terrorism has destroyed in Syria.

The United States and the European Union are imposing unilateral coercive measures targeting the Syrian people's  livelihood.

 In another context, Slutsky considered that the US sanctions imposed on Russia run contrary to the  international law and international norms, describing them as an "illegal step".