Rouhani: Trump did nothing but create injustice and corruption during his rule

Tehran ,(ST)-Iranian President Hassan Rouhani affirmed that the outgoing US President Donald Trump did not present during his rule anything other than injustice, corruption and problems for the people and the world.

Rouhani said during the Iranian government meeting today that “Trump and his black squad have left, and Iran stayed with its resistance,” adding that “Trump committed crimes against the Iranian people in light of the Corona pandemic and also tried to pressure the Iranian government but failed to do so.”

Rouhani said, "If the Americans return to their commitments, especially Resolution 2231 and the pledges of the nuclear deal, then we will return to our commitments. If the other party does not have the will to abide by its commitments, we will continue with our nuclear program."

Rouhani pointed out that the Iranian economy, despite the US policy of maximum pressure, was able to overcome the crises and oil exports have returned to their previous era.

Haifaa Mafalani