Al-Shahawi : Strong relationship links US & Turkish occupation with terrorist organizations

Cairo (ST): The advisor in the Egyptian Command and Staff College major general Mohammad Al-Shahawi affirmed the existence of a strong relationship between the American and Turkish occupation forces on the one hand, and the crimes and attacks of the terrorist organizations on the other.

In a statement, Al-Shahawi said that contrary to their allegations that they want to eradicate terrorism in Syria, the US and Turkish occupation troops offer all forms of support to terrorists in implementation of their colonialist objectives in Syria, especially prolonging the crisis in the country.

He stressed the necessity for the withdrawal of the Turkish and US forces from Syria, notingĀ  that the unilateral coercive measures being imposed on Syria target the livelihood of Syrian people.

Al-Shahawi expressed confidence in the inevitability of the victory of Syrian people thanks to their steadfastness and rallying behind their army.