American occupation of part of the Syrian territories is a flagrant violation of international law, says Slovak academic

Bratislava, (ST)   - The Slovak university professor František Sikfaranda condemned the aggressive policies practiced by the United States towards the Middle East, stressing that the American occupation of part of the Syrian lands represents a flagrant violation of international law.

In an article published on the Slovakian Hlavni Dinik website, Sikfaranda indicated that, “under protection of the American occupation in Iraq, the terrorist organization ISIS arose, which has become a security threat to the entire region, which means that the United States is responsible for its appearance.”

Shakfaranda considered that the attack on the Capitol building in Washington cannot be separated from American foreign policies, pointing out that the way any country behaves in foreign relations negatively affects its domestic policies.

He explained that the situation in the United States began to get complicated as a result of the decline of the United States' position in the world due to its lack of respect for international law and its aggression against other countries and waging wars against them.

Raghda Sawas