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Sisi: what happened in Syria was planned

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that what happened in Syria was planned and terrorist groups were used to destroy Syria and destroy a number of countries in the region.

During the activities of the National Youth Conference entitled “Evaluating the experience of combating terrorism locally and regionally” on September 14, President Sisi said that the cost of using terrorism to destroy countries is not high, which is what happened in Syria.  To achieve this goal, Syria was exposed to terrorist plots pointing out that terrorism was used to target and destroy not only Syria but Libya also.

The Egyptian President said that a conventional war cannot destroy a state as terrorism does. Terrorism like cancer is destructive.

Sisi said that terrorism was a "successful way" to achieve the goals at very low political, economic and military costs, which is what happened during the 1980s.

Sisi said that many states rejected receiving terrorists belonging to them, pointing out that the phenomenon of international terrorism "a monster out of the control of those who launched it."

Last August, the Egyptian president affirmed that efforts to combat terrorism and its devastating effects on development should entail real accountability for its supporters and financiers.

Egypt suffers from a proliferation of terrorist groups, especially in the Sinai in the northeast of the country, where Egyptian forces have been fighting these groups for years.


Reported by O. al-Mohammad