Iran: Nuclear weapons, biggest threat to int'l security

New York– Nuclear weapons are the biggest threat to humanity and international security, said an Iranian diplomat in the United Nations, adding the only way to get rid of the danger is to fully annihilate the nuclear arms.

Ali Robatjazi made the remarks on Wednesday addressing a preliminary meeting to revise the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

The most efficient way of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons is to fully implement all the provisions of NPT and oblige all the UN member-states to join the Treaty, Robatjazi said, IRNA reported.

All the non-nuclear states have remained committed to all their promises while as the nuclear states have not adhered to their commitments, no progress has been made in nuclear disarmament, he added.

The diplomat said that deployment of nuclear weapons by the United States in certain NATO member countries is a blatant violation of the letter and spirit of the Treaty.

Noting that cooperation of the US and certain nuclear countries with the atomic weapons program of the Zionist regime runs counter to NPT, Robatjazi said that Tel Aviv's atomic weapons program is the outcome of adopting double-standard policies that have to be ended.

The Zionist regime has to be forced to join NPT and bring all its nuclear activities and facilities under the safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the diplomat said.