French Journalist: Syria is victim of western media's lack of credibility

The French Journalist Jean-François Kahn, who founded the magazines l’Evénement du Jeudi and Marianne, has underscored that western media outlets have been turned into a military weapon to fuel crisis in Syria.

He said in an article published in the French Marianne magazine that the big western media outlets' way of dealing with crisis in Syria has nothing to do with reality. "Syria has been a victim of the lack of credibility of these media outlets which cancelled the reality and built fanciful world far away from objectivity."

 Francois Kahn, in addition, criticized his mainstream colleagues, who have taken the side of the 'rebels' fighting against Syria's government authorities, for their misleading coverage of developments in the country.

He questioned whether these colleagues had attempted to analyze who the 'rebels' actually are, and what differentiates 'jihadists' fighting in Syria from those in Algeria or Afghanistan.

Jean-François Kahn has long acknowledged that the Islamization of the protest movement started back in 2013 at the instigation of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

He urged the international community to set up an international journalistic commission for examining media bias in Aleppo.

Syrian Tishreen newspaper & Russian Sputnik website contributed to this report.

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