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The "Yolland Annual Concert" Highlights unique musical talents

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and in cooperation with the Lattakia Directorate of Culture, the Cultural Center hosted the second annual piano  concert for students of Maestro Mohamed Farhat  , "Yolland"

More than 30 musicians of different ages, in addition to the students of the " Dance to Live" school under the supervision of Coach Sami Nsier, and the team Do RE MiFa Sol, who represented Syria in the international talent program in its Arabic version, "Arabs Got Talent" participated in this evening.

An interview with Mr. Hassan Hassan researcher in political affairson the sidelines of the" International Conference On The Return Of Refugees."

The conference is a real event that has its connotations and high  value , and we attach many  hopes to it and the topic of refugees is not just  a national issue but  it is also a part of Syrian  identity, past , present, as well  as future.

The national dimension of the conference must be highlighted. Refugees outside Syria can be divided into three groups  The first group is composed of people involved in bloodshed, and this refugee is not welcome.

The second group  is the refugee who  traveled, found work, integrated with society, and settled and adapted to the new country.

As for the third group  , which is the largest group- this is the average citizen who is waiting for an opportunity to return after security was achieved  in Syria. It is his natural right to return to his homeland and his people. There are obstacles facing the refugees caused by the suffocating siege and unfair sanctions, as well as the Corona epidemic.

The conference came as an opportunity to falsify the American allegations  and hypocrisy of America and its allies, which represent  a fake humanitarian role, as it does not want the crisis to end.

An interview with Rafik Lotf Political analyst on the sidelines of the international conference on the return of refugees

Syria Times team held an interview with the journalist Rafik Lotf on the sidelines of the conference.He explains the importance of participation in the conference.

Lotf stressed that there are many decisions in the coming stage, and the conference comes as a positive and important step for the Syrian state and the issue of Syrian refugees.

America and its allies state that the Syrian refugees refuse to return to their homeland due to the Syrian government, but the truth is otherwise. Syrians have been forcibly displaced from their country due to the conditions of war and for fear of the terrorists were controlling their areas. The reason for their departure wasn’t the Syrian government.

Participants in the International Conference on the Return of Syrian Refugees say to Syria Times:

On November 11,  the International Conference on the Return of Syrian Refugees kicked off  at the Umayyad Palace for Conferences in Damascus.It was hosted by the Syrian government.

The two-day Conference discussed ways of putting an end to the suffering of the refugees and to facilitating their return home.

27 states including Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Oman, Belorussia, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan and others with 12 international NOGs and agencies including International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) participated in the Conference.

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affair and Expatriates Dr. Ayman Sousan said that Syria has invited all countries to the conference except Turkey because the Erdogan’s regime is the main supporter of terrorist organizations in Syria.

 “The United Nations is participating in the Conference but the Europeans and Americans boycotted the Conference because it comes against their plots and policies in Syria,” Dr. Sousan said to Syria Times on the sideline of the Conference.

 “The American and European unfair unilateral sanctions on Syria hinder the return of Syrian refugees. A Syrian refugee who  wants to return to his home and to find a job will be hindered by  these sanctions . Russia is a key ally to Syria in the war against terrorism and in the rebuilding process and in achiving  stability and security in Syria, Dr. Sousan added.

Dr. Sousan welcomed  Iran’s Senior Assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Asghar Khaji’s call to establish a fund to sponsor the rebuilding process in Syria.

 “The Iranian idea is a very good one. The international community and the states which participate in demolishing Syria through supporting the terrorist groups in Syria should participate in rebuilding what they destroyed,” Dr. Sousan said.

A Member of the Russian State Duma Demetri Sableen said that the Russian participation in the Conference is the largest participation in any international conference out of Russia.

 “This Conference is very important for Syria. The end of war in Syria is not only a ceasefire but it needs the return of Syria's economic life and refugees,” Demetri Sableen said to Syria Times.

 “I expected good results from this Conference especially in boosting the Syrian -Russian relations,” Sableen added.

Deputy FM speaks to Syria Times:

On the sideline of the November 11 International Conference on the Return of Syrian Refugees, Syria Times asked Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Faisal al-Meqdad on the American and European negative attitude toward the conference and their rejection of even  discussing the issue of Syrian refugees before the political solution of the Syrian crisis. Dr. Faisal al-Meqdad said:

“Let the West say what it wants to say. The Conference is held with big participation of the friendly states and this proves that the western states have inhuman and immoral stances. They say something and do something else. The Syrian leadership and I believe that this ongoing war on Syria is related to the Syrian attitudes from the regional and world issues and Syria’s ties with friendly states.