Damascus opens window for Aleppo’s industrialists in Tekkiye Sulaymaniyah

“The Producers 2020” exhibition opened on Monday in Tekkiye Sulaymaniyah in Damascus with the participation of 77 producers from Aleppo. Most of them are young industrialists and craftsmen.

The exhibition, which has been organized by the Arab Group for Exhibitions and Conferences, will last until November 6th. It includes many products such as: clothes, food, leather, furniture and handicrafts

Aleppo industrialists, just like all Syrian ones, have been able to overcome the difficulties that they have faced during the years of the war, by setting up small workshops using simple tools and developing them to be of high quality.

The Syrian phoenix rises again …. The Syrian youth are generators of knowledge and science

Syrian youth have never spared an opportunity to be creative, as they work, invent and innovate. They have not succumbed to circumstances. They were able to innovate even by the simplest means available… Syrians are of glory, vigor and passion, and there are many examples of this.

(IN DENT Team) is one of these accomplishments. It is the first voluntary medical platform for dentistry in the Arab world, consisting of Syrian students, dentists and specialists who gathered under the banner of their country to raise it high and prove the effective Syrian pioneering role on the international arena. The team is concerned with translating medical articles, scientific videos and research from reliable international sources into Arabic. Their goal is to provide the Arab dentist with dental sciences to further his knowledge and skill .

A Syrian Professor discovers Eggplant Calyx as the Newest Alternative Cure for Leishmaniasis Disease

Dr. Jamileh Hsaian, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Damascus University speaks to Syria Times about her scientific discovery of a cure for Leishmaniasis diseases from Eggplant calyx.

Can you tell our readers about your life and study?

I was born in the city of al-Qunaitra in 1959. I studied till the 2 Grade in the city but after the Israeli attack in June 6, 1967, my family and me were forced to evacuate our hometown to the city of Damascus where I continued my school years.

With Strong Will and Patience Lattakia’s Farmers will replant their Fire-Affected Lands

Land is the hope and the life for farmers. Throughout human history, our relation with the soil has affected our ability to cultivate crops and influenced the success of civilizations.

 Strong will, hope, patience and determination to replant their lands were embodied by moving stories and experiences of farmers and families who are in shock over the losses they have endured as the fire devoured their crops and harvest and reached their homes in the countryside regions of Lattakia.

"My Heritage is my Memory and my Identity” Festivity in Lattakia

“Heritage is the eternal past. It is the most cherished treasure a nation can be proud of.  Our heritage belongs to every one in our society altogether we can give this heritage a meaning and depth”  Mr.Majd Sarem Director of Lattakia’s culture said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper at the sideline of “ My heritage is my memory and identity “ festivity in Lattakia.

The Festivity  was held  in several Syrian provinces in celebration of  the Arab child Day  which coincidences on October the 18th . 

Mr.Sarem  stressed the importance of preserving Syria’s cultural heritage in the light of the methodical war that is targeting Syria with the aim of destroying its civilization and culture.

 He affirmed the need to defend and preserve Syria’s tangible and intangible heritage which are connected to each other, underlining that reviving the Syrian heritage is the responsibility of every one as it is the heritage of all humanity.