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Minister of Culture Loubana Mouchaweh...Spreading an enlightened, tolerant culture that rejects fanaticism is our goal.

Revitalizing cultural awareness and spreading  conscious thought is the preoccupation that the Minister of Culture Loubana Mouchaweh is  seeking, which appeared in the past two weeks during her visit to Aleppo and Lattakia.

Syria Times e-newspaper  had a meeting with the Minister Mouchaweh on the sidelines of the ceremony honoring the winners of the National Piano Competition in its first session during a concert hosted by Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia under the generous patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

Damascus Citadel holds an art exhibition for children

The Baath Vanguards Organization held an art exhibition in the Citadel of Damascus with the participation of Syrian children from 8th until 11th February. The exhibition included distinguished paintings and exhibits.

The children presented their works which represent the integrated and harmonious Syrian environment.They directed a message of love and loyalty to the homeland and the leader of the homeland and the Syrian Arab Army.

Syria Times met Mrs. Heba Saeed, a member of the leadership of the Vanguards of the Baath Organization and the Director of the Arts Office, who told us about the exhibition:

“Within the plan of the Baath Vanguards Organization and the Art Office, we have permanent exhibitions at the level of the organization’s branches and at the country level.

Damascus Citadel was chosen to hold the exhibition in which a large group of children from different governorates of the country participated.

A Displaced Syrian Woman Turns her Suffering into a Successful Project

Women in Syria have faced great challenges and difficulties during the nine-year war , but they have been able to prove their ability to adapt to  conditions and overcome  challenges through their mastery of work  in addition to their determination to succeed in any experience they go through .

Inaam Shaheen is one of the displaced Syrian women , who came to Lattakia from Aleppo province and  managed to transform her strenuous circumstances by diligence  into success . 

Shedding light on this unique successful story  Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed Mrs. Shaheen who said “we had  nothing  when we came to Lattakia after we had left Aleppo due to terrorist threats and we were in need  of work.  In a small shop in “ Ein Al-Baida” village  in Lattakia countryside , where I stayed with my family, I started  manufacturing  dishwashing liquid and laurel and olive oil soap  in a primitive way and selling  them  to the people of the village” .  

Valentine's Day Bazaar in Damascus

More than 130 women and men participated with their various handmade products in the "Colors of Syria" bazaar, which was held in the Umayya hall at the Sheraton Hotel for three days and will conclude today.


The bazaar exhibits various handicrafts and products, including weaving, embroidery, crochet, and fooditems, as well as accessories, linens outfits, perfumes, bags, cosmetics, gemstones, in addition to medicinal aromatic products and others.

Yazji’s experiment in wood sculpture simulates giving, hope , fertility and greatness of women

 “Art is an essential issue  in life because every country  is promoted through art and artists. It addresses meaningful messages including  tolerance , love, patience , giving and creativity.  It is necessary to enjoy art because those who are interested in art have a delicate sense. Art is an endless expressive state through which feelings and ideas  of human beings’ are reflected ” the sculptor  Maha Yazji  said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.   

The sculpture, who is from Lattakia province, underlined that she challenged herself through her sculpture works  on wood and stone and ceramic artworks using simple tools as a chisel and a hammer.  

“ Wood is a hard block with  all its  kinds, whether it is olive, lemon or walnut.  Olive is  a gift from God which  gives beauty to the sculpture and the way of  dealing  with it is smooth and it  forms a state of harmony” she added.   

 It is necessary for artists , according to sculptor  Yazji  to convey  feelings of happiness, hope ,  tolerance and a refined spirit  despite the difficult conditions  which we face  through artworks.   

“My sculpture works  belong to different  art schools  mainly the realistic expressionist school and express various ideas in different fields  of life such as strength, courage, dream and heritage as  Syria is rich and famous for its deep-rooted civilizations” she said.  

“I made a  sculpture  representing the  Ugarit gate ,  wheat  spikes, the Ugaritic jar and a board  including Ugaritic letters.  My second sculpture represented  the ancient little sheep  discovered in Ugarit”   Yazji said.  

She said  that the Ministry of Tourism took the two sculpture works  to be displayed in exhibitions.   

The female, according to the sculptor  signifies giving, striving, life, and gentleness so her  French zirconium wood sculptor   represented   the goddess of fertility Ishtar carrying blossom  as it  is a symbol of  germination and a new spirit.