The Syrian Computer Society’s branch in Lattakia reviews its pioneering experience in the Day of Coding 2022

A remarkable participation  was achieved by Syria represented by the Syrian Computer Society  ( SCS) Lattakia branch  in theGlobal Coding Award  Day event organized by the Ministry of Education in Palestine.

The scientific conference was held in conjunction with the Arab Coding  Week organized by the  Arab League Educational  Scientific Cultural  Organization ALESCO .

The virtual event, which witnessed broad-based   Arab and international participation from various countries of the world such as Brazil, India, Korea and Spain, included a review of the pioneering experiences and the latest developments in the Information Technology ( IT)  sector.


Head of the Lattakia’s branch of the SCS Eng.  Mariam Fayoud highlighted  in her intervention  the Syrian experience in  training children and adolescents in programming sciences and modern technologies and addressing different age categories  through the clubs of the SCS ‘s branch in Lattakia.

ENG. Fayoud reviewed the remarkable  achievements of the Robot Club members over the past years and the local, Arab and international awards they won, indicating  that  in 2018 the Lattakia team ranked first in the Arab world in the annual Sumo Wrestling Robotics Challenge, as well as the distinguished ranks of the club's teams annually in the National Robot Olympiad competition.

As for the Modeling and Simulation Club, Eng. Fayoud stressed  in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper  that the establishment of the club is a pioneering step  at the local and Arab levels in terms of teaching children and adolescents  the mechanisms of modeling and simulation using computers  after transforming the problem or idea to be modeled into a mathematical equation.

Shedding light  on the Lattakia’s branch of the SCS in teaching and  training  children and adolescents the  artificial intelligence AI sciences, Eng. Fayoud said the AI club’s experience had a greater global resonance, as the club’s activity for the ages of children and adolescents began in the data camp, which was launched shortly after the club was established in 2018, to introduce the beneficiaries  the concepts of data storage as well as carrying out many workshops and specialized training courses.

She added “ the SCS managed to  design  applications concerned with various societal issues, including an application for  people with special needs such as  the autism , in addition to an application concerned with discovering addiction cases.


Interviewed by :Rawaa Ghanam