Discussion with The Minister of Communications at Al Wahda Establishment

Mr. Muhammad Iyad Al-Khatib, Minister of Communications, confirmed during a Discussion at Al-Wahda Establishment that the Ministry of Communications is coordinating with other ministries to obtain data that helps provide support to those who really deserve it within certain criteria.

The Minister of Communications confirmed that the applications of mobile are available and free within the electronic Crime Law. The Ministry's goal is to provide support to improve economic performance, support education and health, in addition to facilitating the provision of fuel for citizens.

“We are part of the government, and each ministry has its own role. The role of the Ministry of Communications in the matter of support is to collect data and present it to the Economic Committee to verify its authenticity. Based on the results of this data, government support will be provided only to those who deserve it.”


Al-Khatib added that we were late in the matter of automation due to the circumstances of the war and economic sanctions.

“Now we are working on a project involving drones  for the purposes of identifying the underground resources”.

He added “We have several programmers with national experience who will supervise projects to improve the software industry in Syria to match the global development of technology”.

The Minister said : “We were able to provide equipment for internet portals to provide  the needs of citizens and fill the lack, in addition to improving the quality of the internet and providing appropriate facilities to citizens, including electronic payment services, in addition to several projects that will be implemented soon, which will serve the citizen and provide his needs”.

At the end of the conference, the Minister answered the journalists’ questions and inquiries.

 Syiatimes asked the Minister of Communications  about the possibility of foreign companies coming on to work in Syria  and the answer was that due to sanctions this can’t happen at the moment .


 Reported by  Sanaa Hasan