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"Al-Kheirat Markets" festival launched in Mezzeh area in Damascus

The festival of  “Al-Kheirat Markets” , which is organized by a group of businessmen and women in cooperation with the Governorate of Damascus, kicked off on Tuesday in the Mouwasat Square at Mezzeh area in Damascus.

 The 10-day festival displays products of more than 50 factories and companies including food, clothes, detergents,  carpets, honey and others.

Samer Al- Dawabi, the executive director of the festival told “SyriaTimes” that  “Al-Kheirat Markets” are held for direct sale of the products to the consumers.

“This initiative aims to sell the products in this market at low prices….It started one year ago from Damascus and then moved to other Syrian cities. This event aims to create a link between buyers and sellers”, Al- Dawabi added.

He clarified that trade and industrial companies, small projects and social association are taking part in this festival.

Dr. Nisreen Nahas, the festival’s director told “SyriaTimes” that the initiative aims to break the mediation cycles, find markets for direct sales of the products to the consumer, and reduce prices between 20-50 %, with multiple offers and gifts from the participants.

Rasha Ajaj, a participant in the festival, displays all types of honey and products which are made from honey and other  natural materials including  creames, soaps, shampoos and oils.

“The goal of my participation in this event is to reduce prices and promote our products” she said.

Faker Mugrabi, another participant shows body lotions, hair  dye, shampoo, gel and other skin products.

 “We want to market our products and make people familiar with them and we want to sell them at a low price” he told us.

For his part ,Ghasan displays bags and shoes and seeks to sell them directly from the workshop to the consumer at low  prices.

Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr