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Dummar Cultural Complex celebrates Reading Day event

The Directorate of Child Culture in the Ministry of Culture held a celebration under the title “My Book is My Window of Letter and Color” at Dummar Cultural Complex.

 The activity included theatrical segments, the puppet theatre, the storyteller.The music segment were presented by the students of the Solh Al-Wadi Institute.

Children with disabilities were also honored in the short story competition. Dr. Lubana Mashawah, Minister of Culture, said in a statement:

"The Ministry of Culture is concerned with educating this generation culturally and artistically and providing it with all the tools to be able to face life with hope"

Today we watched and heard a number of Solhi  Al Wadi institute of music  students singing and playing like professionals.

In addition to some children with special needs who sing, play, write stories and recite poetry This depicts is great care from their parents, school and the community to achieve the best, to reach the highest levels.

The Ministry of Culture appreciates all these efforts and provides them with all support in all respects. We are proud of this conscious and ambitious generation.

 Mushawah concluded: “The future is only built by its  sons. We qualify them to build the future, including children, and youth, because they are our future.”

Syria Times met the  Professor Somar Najjar, a professor at the Solh El Wadi Conservatory of Music, who told us about his participation with his students in the Reading Day event:

"Today, I am with my students from the oriental singing class of the Solh al-Wadi Institute to present group of traditional tarab songs under the title of Al-Qudud Al-Halabiya on the occasion of the UNESCO’s inscription of Qudud Halabiya on World Heritage List.

Syriatimes interviewed Areej Bawadakji Managing Editor of Shamah  Magazine and Coach of the Creative Writing Workshop for the Child  whospoke about of the importance of having the appropriate tools for the writer to write a story directed to the child . This  workshop varied between different literary genres, a story, a scenario and  poetry.

She affirmed that the writer must have knowledge of child psychology and language and he has to be in contact with the world of children, because not every writer can write for children".

"In coordination with the Directorate of Child Culture, there will be upcoming workshops that support the writers and qualify them to present the best".

"We also have a shama magazine that publishes interesting storyboard for children and I hope that it will be distributed more widely to reach all children".

 Syria Times met the winner of the creative writing workshop, Alaa Abu Zarzar, who told us about the workshop:

"The importance of creative writing for the child, especially early childhood from 4 to 5 years, is  because the child at this stage cannot read.

Zarzar added, the workshop focused on the child's storyboard and the suspense factor to attract the child's attention in addition to the simplicity.

Our goal is to guide the child with simple information that he can understand and perceive.

 The workshop was important and qualified us as trainees to present future works that fit the mindset of the child.

Reported and Interviewed by Sanaa Hasan