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Annual exhibition of Arabic calligraphy displays diverse works

Within the cultural activities of "Days of Syrian plastic art", the annual exhibition of calligraphy, ceramics, and photography was opened yesterday at Dummar Museum for Modern Art in Damascus.

The exhibition included a large number of paintings and calligraphies works made by mature and talented calligraphers and artists. In addition to a workshop for Iranian and Syrian artists aimed at blending artistic experiences and visions.

 Dr. Lubana Mshaweh, minister of Culture, told reporters "the Arabic calligraphy is a non-material heritage in its style, techniques, and methods and it must be preserved".


"Syrian plastic art has many influences because Syrian civilization was open to many other civilizations, including Asia. Any exhibition of Arabic calligraphy must receive and join with artists and calligraphers from friendly countries as Iran."

Artist Maysoon Habbal displayed one painting depicting the Arabic calligraphy adding some decoration to it to become more beautiful.

She participated for the second time in this annual exhibition to celebrate Arabic calligraphy and gain more experience.

Artist Reem Qabtan, showcased one calligraphy piece depicting four verses from the ancient Andalusian muwashahat with decorations. She has participated in this for the fourth time.She sees it is a great opportunity to acquaint people with this great art.

Zaka Ezzat al-Kahhal, a photographic artist, participated with one work representing life, people, and al-Fijah, spring.

Zaka always participated in this exhibition to familiarize people familiar with her works

As a Photographer, she sees that the human feelings determine the validity of the shot from a technical point of view.


Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr