“Zakaria Shariqi” forum for plastic art in Lattakia marking Syrian Culture Days

Within the activities of the Syrian Culture Days which are held under the title “Culture, Authenticity and Renewal,” Lattakia’s Directorate of Culture recently held  “ ZakariaShriqi” third plastic art forum at Dar Al-Assad for Culture there .
Director of Culture Mr. Majd Sarem said in a statement to Syriatimes e-newspaper  “ This is the third year that “Zakaria Shariqi” Forum is held in a row, with the participation of a number of prominent and young plastic artists from Lattakia and Tartous marking the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Culture”.
He pointed out that the three-day event included an exhibition on the artworks of the participating plastic artists in the forum, a book fair in addition to carrying out the “colorful meetings” initiative which included a collective open-air painting workshop with the participation of young amateurs who are fascinated with  plastic art.
The Director of culture added the three-day cultural event was divided by devoting a day  to the members of the forum to visit the great plastic artist Laila Nseer at “ Dar Al-Raha” Home for Elderly as a kind of honor. Artist  Nseer is one of the pioneers of fine art in Syria and the Arab world.
The supervisor of the forum and also a participant in the forum artist Adawiya Dayyoub told Syriatimes  that “ the forum, which bears the name of the artist Zakaria Shariqi and highlights his rich and great experience, constituted a state of honor for all artists” , noting the  speciality  of this session by celebrating the artist Laila  Nsseer  and her meeting with the artists in a quick drawing workshop at her place of residence.  
The plastic artist, Amir Hamdan, told  Syriatimes “This is my first participation in the forum, which comes as a kind of loyalty to the great plastic artist in Lattakia  Zakaria Shariqi, who had a great impact on my artistic experience through his love, interest and giving”.  
He indicated that there is no doubt that the forum was a remarkable opportunity to communicate with a number of artists to exchange expertise “.
In turn, Dr. Sawsan Mu’alla considered the forum as a motive for artists to come out with distinguished artworks to the public and exchange a new vision and technique in drawing through exchanging different experiences, stressing the importance of holding constantly such forums to introduce different artistic schools. 
From Tartous governorate Dr. Ghada Zaghbour said in her statement to Syriatimes “ I am very pleased to be invited to take part in this forum for the first time as it is a chance to meet a number of prominent artists who represent different art schools and make use of their experiences in addition to consolidate the role of artists in reviving different topics especially the heritage one through their artworks”
“ Art is creativity, hope, freedom , life and revival of the spirit and allows us to live in harmony ,” the artist concluded. It is worth mentioning that the writer and plastic artist Zakaria Shariqi has a number of publications in the field of short stories, novels and literary studies. He is a member of the Unions of Syrian Plastic Artists and Arab Writers and Artists. 
Shariqi  participated in the seasonal exhibitions of the Union of Artists. He also participated in the Cuba International Festival in 1978 and obtained a diploma of honor in oil painting. He has many  individual exhibitions.
Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam
Photos by : Rawaa Ghanam