Report about latest developments in the Ministry of Tourism

The Minister of Tourism, Muhammad Rami Martini, stressed in a press conference held in Damascus that there are great opportunities for tourism investment in Syria, noting that the tourism sector has regained part of its recovery since 2017 after "the victory achieved by the Syrian Arab Army."

He explained the difficulties facing the sector due to the sanctions, pointing out that there are government efforts to reactivate the "tourist groups."

Syriatimes ask the Minister  about  the facilities which are  provided by the Ministry of Tourism to foreign tourists to encourage them to come to  Syria, and   cooperation with the Ministry of Information to promote these facilities?

Martini  answered “All facilities under the Syrian protocol are provided to all foreign arrivals.


We are responsible for their comfortable stay and cooperation with the other  ministries to provide them with the best services and to secure a visit to all tourist sites in Syria”.

In addition to  tourism programs to introduce the Syrian identity and culture and present them  to the whole world.He  pointed to the great role of the return of the work of airlines in restoring tourism activity in Syria after its long interruption.

There is an opportunity to rehabilitate tourist facilities to provide the best services at reasonable prices. The minister   stressed that a law will be issued soon that will regulate tourism work  to present products at reasonable prices and with strict control to protect customers and visitors.

This is in addition to the many advantages for Syrian investors and investors from brotherly countries who have come to implement important projects in all Syrian governorates.

There are encouraging signs from Iraq and the Emirates of cooperation and the return of tourism activity, in addition to dozens of requests from European countries for the arrival of tourist groups”.

 “Our cooperation will take place with the Ministry of Information for the return of tourism and the promotion of all tourist attractions in Syria of all kinds, not only with  the Ministry of Information but also other   ministries as well because  good tourism is  an integrated product of cooperation  to send a message to the whole world that Syria is the land of  civilization and originality”.

Martini  added we support the tourism training and rehabilitation sector. We have 4000 students in training centers and thousands of students in tourism colleges. We secure great job opportunities for these students.

The  Ministry  will also rehabilitate Tekiyyah Sulaymaniyah in Damascus according to UNESCO standards to be an exhibition for all artistic, handicraft and heritage products.

The minister conclude “The year 2022 will be the best tourist place," noting that there are requests from European countries to visit  Syria on the ministry's table.


Reported by Sanaa Hasan