The Regional Center for Early Childhood Development holds a workshop for kindergarten educators

The Regional Center for Early Childhood Development in cooperation with Premiere Urgence Internationale, held a workshop targeting kindergarten educators. It runs for a week, starting on Sunday  24 of October.

Dr. Abdul Hakim Al-Hammad the  Assistant Minister of Education said :” This workshop aims to achieve a major goal, which is to raise the performance level of kindergarten educators in dealing with children , and to improve the capabilities and competencies of these educators to carry out the tasks in the best way .

Al-Hammad added  that the Ministry of Education cares about the kindergarten stage because it is the stage that forms a basis for the personality later on for these children when they grow up, by raising the performance level of the kindergarten educator in dealing with this segment,  so we can avoid many problems in the future.

Kefah Al-Haddad The  Director of the The Regional Center for Early Childhood Development  said to Syriatimes” after a month of the   start of the school year, it was necessary to follow up on what was happening  in government kindergartens, to focus on raising the level of quality.The center seeks to generalize this quality on the public and private sectors, and it was necessary to find an opportunity that we invest well with those in charge of work, so we cooperated with ‘PUI’( Premiere Urgence Internationale’)at an appropriate time to train and raise the capabilities of all female teachers in the government sector.

About  the center's plan, Al-Haddad indicated that the center will open a new training course in cooperation with UNICEF next month .

Muhammad Al-Aizouqi - Coordinator of Education and Livelihood Improvement Projects in ‘Premiere Urgence Internationale’ indicated to syriatimes “ This is our first experience with the center, and it includes 11 training workshops in all governorates at the same time, targeting 220 educators.These workshops are part of an integrated program targeting more than 2000 teachers.

These workshops aim to build capacity for the largest number of educators in early childhood in particular and at elementary later.

Heba Alia, one of the participants in the workshop said to Syriatimes “This workshop is important to learn new skills and methods and to enhance our  abilities in communication  with children. Today we have developed a work plan for the workshop and we will start implementing it .


Reported by Sanaa Hasan