Dar AL- Fikr honors the winners of its competition

Dar AL- Fikr ‘for printing, publishing and distribution’ with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, organized a cultural festival under the slogan “A generation that reads, a generation that builds”  in Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.” The festival included honoring the winners of the reading  competition and those who are distinguished in calligraphy and in classical language .

The festival was attended by Minister of Education Darem Tabbaa, Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Amr Salem, General Director of  Dar AL- Fikr Muhammad Adnan Al-Salem and Assistant Minister of Education Abdul Hakim Al-Hammad.

The festival included singing and dancing segments, a short film about Dar AL- Fikr, and honoring the winners of the competitions.

Hassan Adnan Al-Salem, Executive Director of Dar AL- Fikr said to syriatimes “This generation grew up under harsh circumstances and this made it more challenging and creative”

He adeed “Our first competitions started with only 4 schools, and the competition ceremony was in a small restaurant. Today, a large number of schools  from all governorates of the country have participated, and we chose the Opera House to contain the large number of contestants”.

The child Yaman, one of the winners of the competition in Arabic calligraphy, expressed his joy and spoke about the encouragement of his family for him and his desire to participate annually.

Syriatimes asked the minister of education Darem Tabbaa about the importance of this competition

Dr. Tabba : “It is a  pleasure to share with  a new generation this activity and it's amazing to read books again  because reading is very important for the development of childhood and we are looking towards a strong  cooperation with Dar Fikr to urge our young generation  to be active and motivated  and use their skills in a good way .

Syriatimes : As a ministry, do you have a plan to share this experience in  other schools?

Dr. Tabbaa : "We annually celebrate “a Reading Day ” for pre-school children. This day is an international occasion to encourage  our children to read.”

 “We strongly encourage reading as it helps  children open their minds and it teaches them how to accept  others. Reading also helps children get acquainted with  other cultures,” the minister added.

“At the end this will make the children understand the world around them and encourage them to read more,” he pointed out.


Reported by Sanaa Hasan