The Distinction and Creativity Agency celebrates graduation for the sixth batch of students of academic programs

Last Friday, The Distinction and Creativity Agency held a graduation ceremony for the sixth batch of students of academic programs for the academic year 2020-2021 at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

The number of graduates is 39 male and female students who graduated from the National Center for the Distinguished and continued their studies at Damascus and Tishreen Universities and the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology within the academic programs prepared for them as distinguished and within the scientific paths they studied through the center’s curricula in the specializations of mechatronics engineering, biomedical sciences, applied sciences, technology and materials science and engineering Communications engineering and information systems engineering.

The Director of Academic Programs at the Distinction and Creativity Agency, Dr. Khaldoun Darwish, confirmed to Syriatimes that the Distinction and Creativity Agency spreads a culture of distinction and focuses on distinguished people in all fields and all scientific stages.

These students will continue their studies with Masters and PhD degrees in high-ranking foreign universities then they will return to invest their knowledge and experiences in national and scientific projects in several research institutions in Syria.

Darwish indicated that the real wealth of the nation lies in the minds of its people, and that the optimal investment must be in the human being.

Engineer Hala Dakkak, head of the Distinction and Creativity Agency, assured  Syria Times that the graduates today will be dispatched abroad according to government agreements between universities in Syria and Russia. Some students have published important scientific papers in revered  magazines and research projects at a high level.

This batch faced great challenges and redoubled efforts in light of the siege, war, and sanctions, but the common denominator among all batches is enthusiasm and activity, and thus the scientific achievement whose results we see now.

These students were ambassadors of science and have proven their worth and distinction abroad.

Yara Hassan, one of the graduates to Syria Times" I completed my studies in Biomedical Sciences after the National Center of the Distinguished.

Now I will continue my PhD studies in Russia. My experience was distinct and different from traditional education in schools. The center provided us with a creative and motivating environment to discover our energies and change the stereotypical way of thinking. The center encourages creativity and supports the student to provide his best in a family and cooperative atmosphere.

The ceremony included a musical segment presented by Roh Al Sharq Ensemble, under the supervision of Maestro Adnan Fathallah.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Engineer HalaDakkak, Chairman of the the distinction and Creativity Agency, Dr. Muhammad Firas Al-Hanawi, Vice President of Damascus University, deans of the faculties of electrical and mechanical engineering, pharmacy, the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, , members of the Council of Scientific Affairs for Academic Programs and members of the Council of Affairs Scientific Olympiad for the Syrian Scientific and Academic Program Coordinators.


Reported by Sanaa Hasan