"Love messages 8" Exhibition shows various themes

The collective art exhibition entitled “Love messages 8” for the students of the studio (A B D), who are supervised by the plastic artist Adnan Hamida, was held at the Arab cultural Center in Damascus in the presence of the Minister of Culture Lubana Mshaweh, and Mrs. Rabab Ahmad, the head of the Arab Cultural Center.

The exhibition, which was held last Sunday to honor the late artist Fouad Abu Assaf, who recently passed away, displayed small paintings that depict various themes related to different artistic schools including classical impressionism, expressionism, and abstraction and other artistic schools.


Some 11 Artists participated in this event. The artists are: Amal al-Biqai, Tima al-Khatib, Diana al-Mardini, Ruba al-Hussein, Rasha al-Jinn, Randa Kahala, Rowaida Ahmad, Ola al-Qasim, Rawan Hussein, Imad Abu Shakra, Nour al-Mallouhi

Adnan Hamida, the plastic artist and supervisor of the exhibition, told Syria Times e-newspaper that the exhibition includes more than 200 paintings that depict various topics".

"The exhibition is distinguished because of its ideas that reflect the experience of each participating artist," Hamida said.

Ruba Hussein, a participating artist, said: "The paintings in this exhibition reflect love and beauty ". She was showing 10 small paintings and one large painting using acrylic colors.

She mixed hot and cold colors to express human romantic feelings of joy, optimism, and meditation. She tried to avoid the atmosphere of misery and war and return to the real feelings.

Another participant, Tima al- Khatib, who was taking part in exhibition for the second time, displayed a collection of small paintings that depicted Damascene alleys in addition to portraits and natural land scenes.

She sees that participation in such events will help make people acquainted with her drawings.

Reported By: Nada Haj Khidr