SCS branch in Lattakia holds the first exhibition of modeling and simulation projects

The  Syrian Computer Society ( SCS) branch in Lattakia has recently held  the first exhibition of modeling and simulation projects, which  includes 11 projects presented by 11 teams from the Modeling and Simulation Club at SCS Lattakia branch . 
The 11  computer simulation models aim at  addressing  various scientific issues including  mathematical, demographic, planning, medical, physical, engineering and artificial intelligence. 
Eng.  Mariam Fayoud, Head of the  SCS  branch in Lattakia  said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper that  “the optimum empowerment of modern technology programs is in investing  young minds, which constitute  a basic pillar  towards the future” .
“Hence, it was necessary to establish clubs to attract  and develop youth energies, following the example of developed countries and major international companies that have made  remarkable  steps  by successfully employing mathematics in the information technology IT    which contributed to reducing effort and material costs and playing  an effective role  in the phase of the reconstruction of Syria” Eng. Fayoud added.. 
Fayoud believed that targeting young age groups helps in developing logical thinking skills and scientific research, which will reflect positively on their educational and academic achievement and their ability to choose their future correctly, whether at the university level or the labor market. 
She pointed out that “the aim of the exhibition is to introduce to  the community in general and the specialists in particular, that what we started  three years ago in terms of modeling and simulation of training workshops and  competitions are  the first of its kind in Syria for children and young people”. 
Eng. Fayoud stressed  “we will continue our efforts to generalize  our successful experience to include all the areas of our country and establish A young generation which constitutes a real scientific pillar  for the future of Syria and keeping pace with advanced societies”. 
For his part ,  Head of the  modeling and simulation  club at the SCS branch in Lattakia Dr. Muhammad Khair Muhammad  told the Syriatimes  that all the participating models simulate real issues and were completely designed during the exercises that preceded the exhibition”.  
He stressed  these  activities aim to  highlight the children and adolescents’ creative minds  by providing them with modern science, which was the basis on which many nations built their renaissance and development in the hope of creating a scientific generation with high thinking skills and advanced scientific capabilities that would help to deal with  the effects of the devastating war that it had suffered. 
The 11-year-old Sami Zadeh, along with his friends, Muhammad Koussa, Aws Saad Eddin and Haider Othman, designed a spacecraft launch simulator. Zadeh confirmed that he loves programming, and joining the club contributed to the development of his programming capabilities and the use of mathematics in solving the problems he faced. 
Susan Esber, 17 years old , and Yasmine Alila, 13, confirmed that their passion for mathematics and informatics prompted them to join the club and acquire new information and skills that help them solve problems simply . 
Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam