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Damascus launches the works of the International Conference on' Digital Transformation'

A press conference was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus to announce the launch of the works of the International Conference on Digital Transformation, in the presence of a large number of local and Arab media outlets.

On April 9, 2021, the Arab Federation for Electronic Trade is preparing to launch the works of the International Conference on Digital Transformation at the Conference Palace in Damascus under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Engineer Hussein Arnous, represented by the Minister of Communications and Technology, Eng. Iyad Al-Khatib, the participation of independent academic researchers, investors, representatives of public and private bodies, non-governmental organizations and decision-makers.The conference activities will continue until April 11, 2021.

The Minister of Communications and Technology, Eng. Iyad Al-Khatib, stressed during the press conference the importance of implementing the digital transformation in Syria as it is an inevitable necessity and a way of life, in addition to being the first step in fighting corruption, and one of the methods for positive strategic change of the economy in light of the information revolution and information technology.
Minister Al-Khatib added: We are in Syria and if we are late in pursuing this technology it is because of the terrorist war . We will however make up for the last time in order to develop through a series of modern transformations ” He considered the conference an opportunity to learn about the experiences of neighboring and Arab countries .

The President of the Arab Federation for Electronic Trade, Dr. Muhammad Pharaon, explained that the “International Conference on Digital Transformation” is one of the goals and missions of the Arab Union for Electronic Trade.
Pharaoh added : “The International Conference on Digital Transformation” aims in general, to review the problems and obstacles of the host country in the field of digital transformation, in addition to attracting experts to implement and supervise the digital transformation in the best electronic governments.
Its an attempt to drop successful experiences on a specific country that has not yet been digitally transformed, and then exit the conference with recommendations that lay down a successful roadmap towards digital transformation.
The director of the Arab Group for Exhibitions Mr. Hilal explained that the conference was well prepared and the participation of local, Arab and foreign entities concerned with digital transformation in Syria was secured.
The International Conference on Digital Transformation in Syria will witness the attendance of participants and guests from all agencies involved in digital transformation from several countries: (Egypt - Dubai - Iraq - Lebanon - Finland - Austria - Sweden - Germany - Russia) so that all participants present their experience in the field of digital transformation.

The conference will address several basic axes of discussion and dialogue between the various parties concerned with digital transformation:
Digital transformation in Syria and the imperative of implementation between opportunities and challenges.
• The digital economy and the risks of shadow economy.
• Participation between the public and the private sector.
• Information security and its importance related to digital transformation and Block chain technology
• Digital economy technologies and their role in sustainable development.
Digital economy
• Electronic payment as a cornerstone of digital transformation.

Syriatimes asked The Minister of Communications and Technology, Eng. Iyad Al-Khatib:
“What is the ministry's plan to network with other ministries to promote a culture of digital transformation?”

Al-Khatib answered " Our role as a ministry is to provide services, simplify them, and define the mechanism for their implementation and utilization in other ministries.

The Ministry of Communications started networking with the Ministry of Administrative Development, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Local Administration, in addition to launching our electronic services for the Ministry of Higher Education on Student Day on March 30th.

They also cooperate with the Ministry of Education on Teacher's Day.
The ministry's plan is continuing with the rest of the ministries to work on the mechanism for implementing digital transformation .”

Syriatimes to The director of the Arab Group for Exhibitions and Conferences, Mr. Alaa Hilal
How can Syria overcome the technical gaps in light of the economic sanctions?
"One of the most important tools for breaking the economic blockade on Syria is digital transformation through electronic marketing, such as designs and electronic application services, whether at the individual or corporate level.

E-marketing provides an opportunity for small producers to market their services faster and with less effort.
These solutions will be active in Syria until the sanctions on Syria are lifted to open up to the world as a whole."

It is noteworthy that the "International Conference on Digital Transformation" was held for the first time in UAE in 2017, while the second conference was held in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2018 . Today, all efforts are concerted to establish the third session of this conference in Syria, and to convey its message, which is reflected in opening horizons for digital transformation in Syria, building opportunities for investment and success, and identifying obstacles to implementation and mechanisms for overcoming them.

Reported by Sanaa Hasan