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The Ministry of Culture celebrates International Poetry Day

Al-Assad Library with the participation of the General Book Organization , held a poetry festival on World Poetry Day.

A group of elitist poets participated in the festival. They presented various poems about the homeland, people, nature and life.

The festival was attended by the Minister of Culture, Dr. Lobana Mashouh, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hourani, President of the Union of Arab Writers, and a number of critics, writers, and media professionals.

The festival was accompanied by a variety of musical performances by a group of musicians

The Poet Saqr Alishi to Syriatimes "my participation in the Poetry Festival was through several poems in which I talked about human, society, and life. Poetry remains one gate of the many  art gates to the world that  embodies  the condition of human and society. Each

presents a different image from his personal point of view in a beautiful way, spontaneous and simple to reach to all groups of society"

Syria Times met with poet Linda Ibrahim, who told us about her participation in the festival.

"My participation in the festival with a group of friends is a message to the world that Syria is still the birth of poetry and poets, as Syria is the cradle of civilizations. Despite the war and the difficult conditions that passed in our country"

"My poems dealt with rhythm poetry and some of my poems were participated in this festival for the first time"

It is noteworthy that World Poetry Day is a day to promote the reading and writing of poetry and to encourage rapprochement between poetry and other arts such as theater, painting, and music.

That will be happen through poetry evenings and supporting poets by publishing their poems on paper or electronically to give value to poetry in various media.

Reported by Sanaa Hasan