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International Women's Day celebrated by "Distinguished women" exhibition

In celebration of International Women's Day, the Director of Damascus Culture, Mr. Wassim Moubayed and Rabab Ahmad, the director of the Arab cultural center of Abou Rumaneh in Damascus, held a collective art exhibition under the title "Distinguished women".

The exhibition included various products of 22participants from “Lammat Amal” volunteer team including artists making: wool, crochet, accessories, oil paintings, copper handcraft, collages, and various food products.

Rehab Al- Khoja, the exhibition organizer and chair of “Lammat Amal” project, which is a volunteering and supporting team. She told SyriaTimes: “The exhibition, which is held in the occasion of the celebrating International Women's Day, seeks to highlight talented creative young craftswomen, as well as to support the team's productive projects, such as the sewing project for martyrs' mothers and products for children of Lammat Amal”. 

Najwa al-Sharif, a participant in “Distinguished women" said to Syriatimes: “I presented several glass mosaic paintings inspired from Syria glass heritage industry  that can be used as gifts. This is my second participation. We want to present something new each time”.

“Women population make half of society, and they support their families, themselves. Women are a pivotal component of family” she added.

Reem Al- Homsi participation was under making chocolate for social events, noting that such events provide opportunity for selling products, and that they open a wider market for craftswomen to develop their business by exchanging experiences and communicating with other merchants.

Another participant was displaying various products like: satin embroidery, wax, soap boxes, accessories. She is participating for the first time, and works in handcraft embroidery as a hobby. She explained that her participation was to benefit from others' experiences, ideas and opinions. 

Participant Zikra, told Syriatimes that her participationin textile recycling and crochet and other handmade works, was to get to know new business and gain experience.

Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr