“Our Kids Draw Stars That Light Up”in the Fifth Ugarit Festival

Under the title of (Our Kids Draw Our Stars That Light Up) the Fifth Ugarit Festival was held yesterday at The Iraqi Cultural center in Damascus.

The ceremony included drawings, poetry and songs. 

The drawings were made by children from Fairuz Gallery, while poetry was written by a number of Syrian poets and songs were sang by singer Rober Wahid. 

The famous Syrian actors Bassam Lutfi and MazharAl- Hakim besides that intellectual Dr. Ali al-Qaiem and others were honored during the activity. 

Dr. Al-Qaiem told the Syria Times e-newspaper that he is very happy for being honored because it means appreciation for the efforts he exerted during his life, noting that it is very important to honor the creative characterswhile they are still alive. 

For her part, artist Fayza Al- Halabi displayed drawings made by50 kids in this festival. She said: “Wdisplayed the works of the kids to get as many people as possible to see the works of the Syrian kids who are able to develop their talents despite the difficulties they face”.

Actor Mazhar al-Hakim said: "The festival is an opportunity to encouragkids who are the essence of future and need special care. Hreferred to the importance of holding such events to develop kids'talents.

Another support for Kids was offered by poet Joud Al- Dimshqi, who said that we have to encourage each other." 

Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr