The second honey festival in Damascus

With the participation of 34 beekeepers from the public and private sectors, the activities of the second Syrian Honey Festival were launched on the grounds of Al-Jalaa Sports City in Damascus. The activities of the festival will continue until the twenty-second of this month,

The festival is held by the Arab Beekeepers Union (Syria Municipality) in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform under the title “Honey ... Food, Medicine and Cure”. It includes the products of the Syrian beekeepers that are quality-assured in addition to production requirements, wooden beehives, medical and food industries from the materials produced by bees.

Ahmad Qaso, who participated in the exhibition, told Syria Times e – news paper that his second participation in this event is to acquaint people with honey and its benefits in our country.

He considered the festival as an opportunity to market products.

“In this participation we display new types of Syrian honey that are special and good for health due to the fact that the Syrian honey is one of the best types of honey in the world”, he said.

Ahmad Ajaj, another participant, presents wooden supplies for bees in all their forms in addition to accessories, such as boxes and decorations for bees.

In his second participation, he said that he displayed new forms of bee cells to market his products to beekeepers and people.
While participant Abdel Rahman Qrinfulla, sees that holding such an activity is an opportunity to emphasize the gradual return of Syrian honey to the local market as it was before the crisis in addition to briefing the visitors on the importance of bees.

“The honey industry has started to flourish again after it was damaged during the crisis”, he added.

It is my first participation. “I display Mountain Honey which is very pure, healthy and used for medical treatments”, he said.

Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr