“Wood and Light Dialogue” a sculpture exhibition in Damascus

The Arab Cultural center in Abou Rummaneh is currently hosting a sculpture exhibition entitled “Wood and Light Dialogue” for artist Shafiq Al Ghabra .

This exhibition showcases 60 artworks that mix wood with light in different shapes and sizes using different types of trunks and branches taken from olive, lemon, walnut, raspberry, pine and cedar trees.

Al Ghabra, who is also an engineer, told Syria Times e- newspaper: “It it my third sculpture exhibition in which I try to display new abstract works that depict the harmony between light and wood”.

“The works reflect my ideas. When light is mixed with wood, it showed the beauty of the wood piece” he added.

“Some of sculptures in the exhibition vary in shape. Some of them are inspired by nature and others belong to the abstract school and abstract nature” he said.

About merging light with sculpture, artist Shafiq saidthat he seeks to create a kind of harmony and dialogue between light and wood, stressing that there is something new in this exhibition in terms of the light that enters into the wood artworks.

Artist Rabab Ahmad, Director of the Cultural Center ofAbu Rummaneh, said that artist Al Ghabra’s passion is wood sculptures, pointing out that she invited all interested sculptors to acquaint themselves more with Al Ghabra’s distinguished experience.

Reported by :Nada Haj Khidr