Syrian Computer Society in Lattakia Achieved Advanced Positions in “Tamayouz” Competition

A number of  distinguished scientific, health and service projects most of which meet  contemporary needs with a high degree of diversity and innovation achieved an advanced positions  in  "Tamayouz"  ( Excellence) competition.  

The event was launched by the Palestine Student Association in cooperation with the Syrian Computer  Society  (SCS)  in July  last year . The Lattakia branch of the SCS  achieved a number of  advanced ranks  in this scientific marathon.

The competition  awarded the first place of  the category of open projects for the application of artificial intelligence ( AI) for the diagnosis of Coronavirus through the processing of radiographs "Chest X-ray Image", which was designed by a team of engineers of the SCS branch in Lattakia including  Saleh Al-Shamali, Ali Fayoud ,  Abdel Salam Al-Ali and Zain Fayoud .

The two  engineers Saleh Al-Shamali and Ali Fayyoud  said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper  “The design and programming of this application  comes from an actual need that we have experienced in our country as a result of the small number of analysis laboratories for the epidemic as well as the materials needed to conduct the analysis that are imported from abroad and the difficulty  to secure it  because of the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people in addition to their high cost. ”

In their turn, engineers Abdul Salam Al-Ali and Zain Fayoud wad, who are specialized  in programming the web application , confirmed that the team’s victory in the competition is an incentive to continue developing the current product to become an integrated digital platform for reading various radiographs and not only for chest and corona disease.  

The project of Eng. Mohammed Yassin achieved third place in the category of open projects, which according to his description, is a cold sterilization device that is considered the first of its kind and depends on ultraviolet rays and alcohol and does not require heat or pressure. The device  is characterized by speed, reliability and energy saving.

On her part, Head of the SCS branch in Lattakia Eng. Mariam Fayoud  told the  Syriatimes that supporting distinguished projects in the field of Information technology IT , directly or through activities and events, including  “Tamayouz” competition, is part of her role  in the Syrian society to contribute to its development. 

Eng. Fayoud  pointed to the importance of the opportunity provided by participating in such exhibitions and scientific competitions through communication with similar experiences.

She underlined  that what distinguishes the five projects that qualified for the final stage is the diversity in terms of the technology used in addition to their main  goal  which   included various aspects of life  to become productive projects within the framework of the labor market. 

It is noteworthy  that the number of projects submitted to the competition in its sixth edition amounted to 179 projects, of which 87 were accepted in the first stage .   47 projects  competed for the final  awards.

 In turn, Eng. Mahmoud Al-Masry, the competition director said that the sixth edition of the competition has its own specificity in the light of the exceptional circumstances imposed by the spread of the Coronavirus. 

He underscored that the competition  focused  on ideas that contribute to providing society with devices  and projects which  serve people in the face of the global threat which  this epidemic poses to all humanity .

Al-Masry referred to the great spread that the competition has achieved in the governorates of Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia, Tartous, Homs and Hama.  

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam