Various works inspired from local heritage in exhibition in Damascus

The Arab Cultural Center in Mezzeh in Damascus is currently hosting the artworks of 24 plastic artists within an exhibition that aims at reviving the Syrian heritage and enhancing the Syrian identity. 

The event comes within the framework of the efforts being exerted by the Ministry of Culture to maintain tangible and intangible heritage. 

The exhibition showcased many paintings that embodied the Damascene environment and its original heritage.


Artist Basima Al-Hariri participated in this event with three works depicting the Damascene heritage, using the oil colors of the lanes and houses, indicating the importance of evoking heritage in works of art.

Basima told Syria Times e- news paper that her participation in this event is to revive the local heritageof Syria .

“  I painted the inside details of the  old Damascene house  which is part of our folklore” she said.

Najwa al- Sharif , another participating artist said that the exhibition highlights the Damascene rich folklore which includes the old lanes, houses , handcrafts , foods,  etc..”.

“ The goal of my participation in this event is to acquaint the new generation  with our old rich heritage”

Najawa participates with two paintings using oil and acrylic colors. The first painting depicts the ancient neighborhoods, while the second one shows the old hand grain mill which was used by our grandmothers.

Artist Fareed Shankan, participates with one painting using acrylic colors. The painting depicts folklore decoration. It is a mixture of Arabic  letter and symbols from Ugarit civilization .

“ I want to participate in this exhibition in  my own way. I want to revive our local heritage in  a new style”. He said.

Waseem Mobaid, the Director of Culture in Damascus, spoke about the need to pay attention to Damascene folklore, noting that the participating works in this exhibition, makes the visitor feels as if he/she is walking in the ancient neighborhoods of Damascus with its wonderful stones, greenery and jasmine.


Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr