Syrian Artist Hiyam Salman’s Fabric Artworks Turned into Scarfs in Japan

Art is creativity ,  beauty, love, sincerity, freedom  and a very important message  through which a person can express his feelings  in a way that neither language nor body movements can  reflect. Art is the air which we breathe and  keeps us  alive” Artist Mrs. Haiyam Salman said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.  

The artist  took part  in the  Middle East Bazar for Arab products ( X mas Arabian Bazar ) recently held in Kyoto in Japan with the participation of  a number of Arab countries including Syria, Yemen and Palestine .   

The Bazar, which was organized by YDY  ( my hand) -Bridge project,  displayed a wide variety of traditional Arab  handmade products such as Syrian olive oil and soap, traditional clothes, artworks ,  accessories , drinks and Arabic  coffee .

The x mas Arabian bazar, which witnessed a remarkable turn out , was characterized by showcasing artist Salman’s fabric artworks  and  which were turned   later into scarves manufactured with  high Japanese quality and technique.   

To shed light on this unique participation by a prominent Syrian artist, Mrs. Hiyam Salman told Syriatimes  “ YDY –bridge project  is an integrated project as it combines  civil society, marketing and reviving culture. It seeks to achieve   the idea   “with my hand, I create my future”.  YDY project  is a wonderful and distinguished project  which  supports  marketing  traditional handicraft products” . 

She indicated  that YDY project  was founded by the Japanese business woman Yuki Yasuda, who  owns  a shop to market accessories made of  gemstones by  skilled hands .  Mrs. Salman underlined  that YDY project began in Iraq during the Iraqi war . Then when brutal war waged against Syria, the project targeted Syrian women, who were subjected to difficult conditions , through  marketing their traditional handcrafts works .   

Concerning her participation in the X mas Arabian Bazar the artist said “ the bazar was an important step to spread  Syrian art . I believe that my fabric artworks showcased in the bazar formed a  cultural bridge between Syria and Japan “.  

“ My artworks are characterized by using recycled pieces of cloth.  Mrs. Yuki  Yasuda  was very impressed with my fabric artworks and chose three  to turn them  into scarves” artist Salman expressed.  

“ The first painting shows a tree and a  woman with a crow standing on her shoulder whispering in her ear constantly. The painting has many indications .  The woman in the painting symbolizes the patient, proud , generous and steadfast Syrian woman ,who despite the difficulties and stress  she faced,  continues her  life steadily,  and forcefully without paying attention to what the crow says” she said. 

The artist added that Syrian women never give up their principles and rights.  The tree in the fabric artwork  symbolizes giving, continuity and  renewal of  life.  

“The province of Lattakia is famous for its beautiful and charming  nature, so I  sought through my two other fabric art works  to  describe nature and  the reflections of the color of sky on the  sea at sunset in Al-Basit area in Lattakia countryside “ Artist Salman said.  

“ As a Syrian artist I am very proud  that  my fabric art works are turned into  scarves  which will be distributed  all over  the world to address a message to the world that  Syrians are still able  to spread the energy of joy, hope, life at  the world level despite the  unjust  blockade imposed  on our country” She expressed.   

She stressed the fact that  Syria is rich in every thing and as an artist she hopes to shed light on Syrian heritage through her fabric artworks.  

“Art is part of our  national identity. Art protects the soul, the mind, and all our emotions. It affects every atom of the human being, as it reflects and creates an artwork  and a new idea. There is a state of continuous development in art to express your vision of life and your interaction  “ Artist Salman concluded.  

It is noteworthy to say that artist Hiyam Salman was born in Lattakia and is a member of the Plastic Artists Union.  She participated in a number of exhibitions. Her distinguished artworks were distributed in a number of Arab and foreign countries including the USA, France, Japan, Germany and Lebanon.  

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam  

Photos by : Rawaa Ghanam